SWAT Gearing Up for the 2012 Chase Season

Things are busy here at SWAT as we get ready for the upcoming 2012 Storm Chase and Tornado Season! Preparation continues to take place not only on the business side of things, but preparation also continues on the vehicles as we continue to work diligently to make sure we have all of the necessary equipment installed in all of our chase vehicles to be successful during the upcoming chase season!

This past weekend all of the SWAT guys met to continue finalizing our plans for the upcoming season! Brad is missing from the picture since he is the one who took it 🙂

Over the past several weeks we continue to work very hard at getting both the SWERV and SWERV 2 ready for the chase season. SWAT’s Tech Guy, Jake Armstrong, has made all kinds of improvements to both vehicles!

We’ve added multiple amateur radios to the SWERV and a bank of Amateur Radio portables in case we ever need additional communications at the scene of a disaster/tornado damage, etc.

The SWERV has also been outfitted with a monitor and mount that will allow the backseat occupants or tour guests to have constant view of the radar and current weather information.

A new hail guard was constructed to help better protect the front window and side windows of the SWERV.

The SWERV was also rewired to ensure proper electrical safety! The fuse block is actually quite impressive!

Both vehicles will be operating with mobile internet, multiple computers with radar and weather data, iPads, MURS radios, Amateur Radios, GPS technology, Live Streaming Video, Medical and first air equipment and much more!

We are really excited about the upcoming Tornado and Storm Chase Season and even more excited about meeting all of our Tour Guests! If you haven’t booked yet, make sure you book your tour today! For more information, you can visit http://www.SWATTours.com or email Webmaster@SWATChasers.com.

And if you had any doubt whether the tour will be worth it, this is a picture of a rare double tornado that our Lead Meteorologist Brandon Redmond and Tech Guy Jake Armstrong caught back in 2010 outside of St. Anne, Illinois, and we will find plenty more this upcoming season!

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Thanks for reading,

Brandon Redmond


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